29 Jan 2012

Well I finally decided to get rid of wordpress and regain control of the site. Expect a few more changes in the future.

Please let me know anything that is odd or any links that are not working. Hate mail is welcome too.

There are a few known issues:

  1. The feed in Google Reader will reset and display all posts and comics as new entries... sorry about that, you'll have to 'mark all as read'. To be honest, I'm not sure it works at all...
  2. Comment counts on index page always display 0. Working on it!
  3. I need to add links to
    1. LIFE/interior archive
    2. Paul the innovator archive
    3. Other stuff archive

The design is an evolution of a design that my friend Sergi made about two years ago as a draft thing I could start with. I'd say that taking two years to implement a design doesn't qualify me as the greatest web developer in the world... but I get there, don't I?

The site uses a nice thing called Jekyll and the code is in github for you all to peruse. I'll probably post some other entries with small details about that, to help people that might be trying to do the same thing. The comments have been migrated to Disqus, but you shouldn't see much difference.

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