25 Sep 2011

In the eternal search for the Best Way To Do Things, I'm trying to do the unthinkable: write a whole, complete script before actually starting to draw the comic.

I'm not so sure this is actually a good idea, given that the process of creation for a comic seems to be intrinsically linked to drawing. It would seem more appropriate to do sketches and scripting at the same time, which is more or less what I've been doing so far. I do have an idea and some draft scripting, but it's usually not that much and when I'm actually drawing things change a lot.

So this is what's happening... I'm writing a script, a short one. I've explored a couple of ideas so far but none seem to what I'd like to do next.

On the journey to scripting aside from, well, a notepad, what seems to be working very nicely for me is Celtx. It's very fast and simple. It's supposed to be able to work with sketches and things like that, but I'm using it as a task-oriented word processor. Typing is fast, you just press tab to iterate between the typical structures in the script of a comic, and that's about it. It does generate nice looking PDFs too, which makes you look more professional.


PS: I try character drawing from time to time, but they all look more or less the same --I'm going to take that as meaning I've found 'my style'.

and another PS: Oh, I started also translating LIFE/interior to Spanish, just because.

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