29 Aug 2011

Well this is the end, my friend, the end. /Cue The Doors soundtrack/

This page was a long time in the making, I think it's roughly six or seven standard pages. That's one of the things I've learned: I don't like the concept of 'page', it doesn't really work well for comics (cough graphic novel cough) like mine.

I'm thinking of writing a blog post about my experiences but I want to thank everybody that supported me on this. Without you I would never have finished it.

Even when my drawings were crappy I always got support, sometimes in the form of harsh and cruel critiques ;) but support nonetheless --in all truth, all was always well deserved :).

It's been an amazing journey, from knowing zero about drawing and publishing a webcomic, and with that scary feeling you get when writing in a foreign (to me!) language, to a decent ability and a good overall feeling. Style has changed a lot in this comic, and it's not too coherent so I don't expect many people to ever read it. As they say, the goal is the journey itself.

Now that I know myself better and I have learned a bit about the medium, the plan is simple: keep working, keep growing. Make something, someday, that someone likes.

So here I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about the whole thing, you know I die for feedback.

Technicalities: Almost everything drawn by hand, shaded by hand using just a pencil and then scanned and tinted. The epilogue uses images from the beginning of the comic, which were drawn in vector mode using Inkscape, directly on screen. Oh, and the seashells were colored using watercolors. This page is a huge JPG file that might have some trouble rendering, if so please let me know and I'll see about splitting it up in pages.

Note: To my dismay I discovered that iPads reduce quality of big images, so had to split this comic in... ten pages. That means a new one will show up in RSS readers...

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