12 Aug 2011

A double page today. Story continues and we are actually getting to the end. Think of this note as when you take a quick look at the watch in the cinema and you realize there's only about 10 minutes left. :)

Technicalities: For the last months I tried to keep myself under 2048 pixels of height. Not for really a good reason, just because bigger seemed to mess with quite a few things like the Facebook poster and some thumbnail generators. But I really feel some bits of the story need to be together and I could have published to pages simultaneously but decided for a big one. Also, this is a bit of a return to past techniques, but with the addition of some graphite shading. All drawings are scanned here, and only minor shading added.

Note: To my dismay I discovered that iPads reduce quality of big images, so had to split this comic in two. That means a new one will show up in RSS readers...

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