02 Jun 2011

A colorful one, because... why not? :)

I enjoy painting with watercolors. It takes me back to childhood memories. I think that it somehow looks better, notwithstanding the fact that I'm not particularly good at picking colors.

And yes, we are getting closer to an ending. Oh!

Technicalities: This time all the drawings were drawn by hand, with the exception of that little Ana at the bottom, which is actually copy&pasted and slightly retouched from another page. The scanned images had almost no modification, but an Auto levels adjustment in GIMP is a must. Some I adjusted manually, but basically if I don't do the levels everything looks faded. In particular, the ink seems to not like being watered. Also, the final size of the image was roughly 2 MB which is quite a lot, so I had to compress it a bit and make a jpg.

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