23 Jan 2011

I like to now and then, draw one of those three panel comics. It's really interesting how much you can say with only a few words. It's also fascinating how difficult it is to make it right.

Most of the time, the humor is so narrow that only a few people actually understand what's going on --and that doesn't mean they will all find it funny, which narrows the audience even a bit more.

Most of the 3-panel comics I follow have very well established characters, usually just two or three. What I wanted to write about is something that puzzles me: invariably, in the comics I like, you can identify the main characters easily and get to know their persona without needing to have them introduced first. It's as if they had always been there, always. Take Robby + Bobby as an example, he's managed to create two great characters. You can just read a strip and immediately understand it, even if there is absolutely no context.

My latest attempt, Paul the innovator, is probably only going to be funny for me and a few coworkers, as usual.

Paul is a so-called innovator in a corporate world. Still, I'd like it to be easily identifiable and funny for other people too, but the only way I can think of doing that is by writing a few strips to fully define the character. Which means, I'm not doing it right :).

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