15 Nov 2010

I've been reorganizing the 'LIFE/interior' comic. I'm trying to bring more consistency to the story, essentially updating dialogues and adding a bit more context here and there. Most noticeable, I changed the font used for balloons. The font is now Blambot's Artists Alley, essentially because I can't --for the life of me-- find a license for Yankshand, the font I was using before. Apparently the company that owns the rights went bankrupt so the font lies there in limbo, although many sites wrongly offer it and label it as free. I'm using all capital letters for text now, and rearranging/updating some texts.

Some of the pages were too big and that poses quite a few logistics problems, so I'm reducing all pages, trying to make them smaller than 2048 pixels height and 768 width, but without removing content or reducing text size. For some of the pages, the only option is to split them into two or three. When I do that, the RSS feed gets updated and some feed readers like Google Reader get a bit confused and show new pages although they have an old date and should not be displayed. Just check them out if you want, but you can ignore them.

At some point the archive will be completely updated and I'll post about it.

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