23 Sep 2010

Let's sample some of the results of my experimentation...

Here are some scans:

rain rain, click for detail
Sleeping mother - click for detail

This is hand-drawn, first drafted with a regular pencil, then more-or-less-inked using pens. As you can see I don't really know what to do with the brush-like pen I bought so I tried using it to make some lines stronger but it didn't work too well.

click to see even more detail

I didn't erase the pencil, so you can actually see what I changed.

Then, I scanned this and put it on a layer in Inkscape (actually although the above is a scan, I used a photo because I didn't have the scanner at hand). After that I used mostly the pen tool to draw the lines, and the calligraphy tool for most of the shading, all inside Inkscape.

oh the beauty of straight lines

In fact, the above is one of my favorite panels so far.

Then, the following was drawn directly using Calligraphy tool, as a sketch:

Calligraphy tool set to Dip pen

Finally, I took that same drawing directly and just added some shading and a bit of color here and there, and fixed some things (mostly when lines crossed each other).

"You're so cuuuuute!"

I particularly prefer the second option, but just because the rest of the comic looks like that. I think I could do some story using just those pseudo-drafts, with minor tweaking for shading. This last one is also nice and has the advantage of being the fastest of all, as you work digitally during all the process.

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