19 Sep 2010

Well, another page. This one took quite a lot of time but at least this time I've done some of the 3-panel comics to keep things moving and me practicing. I've been trying out different drawing methods, as usual I'm still learning a lot. This time I tried two things: actual drawing with a proper sketch pad and pens, and drawing directly on the screen. The sketched panels work quite well but I felt they would break too much the style of the comic so for now I only use them as a draft and 're-ink' them on screen. I'll post a blog entry with the actual sketches. Oh, and I need to find a way to crosshatch in Inkscape.

Let me know if what happens in this comic is more or less understandable. I'm still struggling sometimes finding ways to transmit what is so clearly inside my head.

Update: Changed font.

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