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I want to create two comics, one is LIFE/interior and the other is so far called '3-panel comic'. The first one should receive weekly updates, while the second will be more random.

In order to have two comics I thought the site needed some changes, or else I would have to have two sites. I've never liked the navigation, but what I came up with is not that much better.

I uploaded the first set of changes, let's see how that works. The visible changes are:

  • The homepage now shows two small thumbnail viewers, one per comic
  • Comics are loaded on demand, which should speed up initial page loading
  • Homepage no longer displays the latest comic, you have to click to see it

I still need to work on a better design. Well, at least I really need to change the arrows for left/right on the thumbnail viewers...

Anyway, feedback welcome as usual. I expect to be adding and testing stuff now that I have a nice setup for testing it.