28 Jul 2010

Well, the continuation from the previous page. I think it took me more than one week. Well, what can I say... at least it's here :).

I'm playing again with different things and techniques, but mainly in the way I create the graphics. I'm trying not to reuse too many things in the hopes that by practicing at some point I'll learn to draw. It's too easy to take the same figure and copy it over and over, like they do in a lot of webcomics. There are some places where that makes sense (e.g. the boy's face looking straight to the reader, I use it quite a lot), but in other places it's just being lazy.

So here we go, this sequence takes two pages. I hesitated to publish this bit without the rest, because I'm trying to make every page a small story, but it was probably going to be way too much for a page, which is a recurrent problem I have.

Edit: Split page into two, and changed font.

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