04 Jul 2010

Well, there we go. This is the end of the Therapy sequence. I hope everything makes a little more sense now, but I'm never sure :). I'm trying to combine the semi-weekly periodicity with a more short-story approach for each page so that they can be followed a little easier. I think this will always exist as some form of digital art so trying to do it just like a regular comic is not the way to go. Mr Mann looks horrible in these drawings but I can't be bothered changing it. I want to go back to the childhood years for a while. Drawing the little child is far more fun.

In case you missed it, I did another post a couple of days ago. Together they should set a more reasonable starting point while hopefully keeping somethings unknown so to keep people interested.

PS: A side effect is that page size is increasing so probably load times will increase too. Let me know if it seems too slow for you. I'm using dreamhost and it's usually quite slow, but at least it's cheap.

Edit: Reformatted, changed font and split the page in two.

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